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The School council represents the voices of all pupils within the school by having members from each Key Stage. Members represent pupils with different individual needs throughout the school, encouraging everyone to have their say. Members bring forward ideas to each weekly meeting. The school council then discuss the ideas and work as a team; finding solutions and ways to implement them.

We have been working towards our ongoing projects such as: Eco Schools, Rights Respecting School and Healthy Schools. These awards are worked on with a whole school approach and the School Council then collect and collate the work. The evidence is then presented in order to maintain or improve the level of our awards.

School council regularly meet with senior leaders and correspond with school governors to keep them up to date with their projects and latest achievements. The members value the feedback that they are given and use this feedback to motivate their next achievements.

School Council enjoy inviting visitors in to help coordinate projects such as the Remembrance service and our latest project "A Day in the Life of”.

Look out for our latest news on the School Council board or contact us with any suggestions or ideas by putting a note in our suggestion box or email

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