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Crownbridge Staff

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Hi, my name is Bethan Moore, Headteacher at Crownbridge Special School,

I have had the privilege of being Headteacher at Crownbridge School since January 2021. It gives me great pleasure to work at the school that I started over 18 years ago embarking on my special education career after working for 2 years in a Local Primary school in Newport.

Crownbridge has always been at the heart of special education in Torfaen and it has a long-standing reputation as a school, which opens its doors to share ideas and learn from others. We have a large team of dedicated professionals, who never cease to amaze me with their commitment and passion in ‘going the extra mile’ for our pupils, enabling them to reach their potential and beyond. We strive for them to reach their potential in becoming:

* ambitious, capable learners ready to learn throughout their lives

* enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work

* ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world

* healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

As the Headteacher, it is my aim to nurture and sustain this so that we continue to support and inspire our young learners well into the future, “together we live, learn and value”.

There are exciting times ahead for Crownbridge with our planned extension and we are working hard with the Local Authority, in preparation for the grand opening in January 2024.

We are committed to working as a learning organisation. We work alongside a very wide range of external partners to constantly evaluate what the school can offer our pupils and their families through a pupil centred curriculum. I am sure that, like me, the positive atmosphere in our school will impress you whenever you visit.

You will see me around the school during our school events or during the week to greet our pupils and families so do please say hello.

Deputy Headteachers

Assistant Headteachers

Andrew Osmond

Deputy Headteacher

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Kirsty Davies

Deputy Headteacher

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Jen Lovering

Assistant Headteacher 

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Louise McCarthy

Assistant Headteacher

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Our Teachers

Jen Lovering

Classroom 1 Teacher

Ross Fenton

Classroom 2 Teacher

Charlotte Kembrey

Classroom 2 Oren Teacher

Ceri McDermott

Classroom 3 Oren Teacher

David Jones

Classroom 3 Plum Teacher

Sabrina Greenall

Classroom 4 Teacher

Claire Evans

Classroom 5 Teacher

Bethan Stokes

Classroom 6 Teacher

Laura Whewell

Classroom 7 Teacher

Louise McCarthy

Classroom 8 Teacher

Jessica Coombs

Classroom 9 Teacher

Rebecca Trace

Classroom 10 Teacher

James Scales

Classroom 11 Teacher

NT - Rebecca Harrod

New Teacher

Admin Team

Sue Kempton

Senior Support Officer - Admin, Communications & Human Resources

Karina Davis

Senior Support Officer - Finances & Resources

Jayne Rees

Support Officer - Reception

Chloe Rogers

Support Officer - Reception

Ben Chung

Site Manager

Daisy Cross

ICT Technician


Matthew Williams

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Donna Hewitt

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Rebecca Rush

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Samara Cummings

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Laura Long

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Megan Israel

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Amy Hoare

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Terri Blake

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Our Teaching Assistants

Abbey Griffiths Elaine Buffery Kimberley Swadling Olivia Pritchard  Dafydd Pattimore                        
Abi Morgan Ellie Gardner Kirsty Johnson Ollie White Andrea O'Neill
Aimee Duthie Emma Hall Linda Hughes Paula Blacklock Mark Harding
Alison Chaney Ffion Coombs Lindy Kowalski Rachel Scott Beth Biddlecombe
Aleigha Davies Hannah Reed Libby Williams Rebecca Lewis Rebecca Luce
Astria Tobin Jada Morgan Lynda Morgan Rhiannon Skuse Rosie Balfry
Ashley Gray Jade Taylor   Samantha Davies Rebecca Harrod
Caine Holloway Jemma Davies Mandy Reynolds Samantha Underwood  
Cara Edwards Jenna Leighton Maria Matthews Sara-Jane Jackson  
Charity Wagg Jennifer King Matthew Read Sarah Osmond  
Christine McGarvey Joni Williams Melanie Head Sarah Hillcoat  
Christopher Timm Judith Reed Melissa Fitzgerald Sophia Tomkins  
Clair Caston Karen Barton Michelle Israel    
Danielle Sanford Karen Miles Michelle Newton Sue Garland  
Darren Burst Karen Hoare Millie Williams Tamsyn Fox-Robinson  
Darren Davies Kayleigh Millard Morgan Jones Zoe Small  
Dawn Parfitt Kelis Hughes   Zoe Stephens  
Dewi Small Kelly Harris Nicol Summerhayes Katy Harris  

Governing Body

Mr John Hathaway

Chair of Governors

Mrs Kirsten Gibbons

Vice Chairperson

Mrs Veronica Crick

Mr Matthew Williams

Mrs Caroline Peters

Mr Andrew Ford

Mrs Jen Lovering

Mr Matt Nicolls

Mr Nick Watts

Mr Andrew Freebury

Mrs Gill Smith

Mr Matthew Ford

Need to Contact Us

If you need to contact us regarding an emergency or simply a general enquiry click the button to view the ways you can contact us.