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Hello, my name is Andrew Osmond, I am an Acting Deputy Head Teacher here at Crownbridge School.

After completing my teacher training in 2012, I was very fortunate to be able to join a committed staff team here at Crownbridge School. I have relished working with such wonderful children over the years in my role as class teacher and it has been a privilege to work with so many experienced staff members who have helped me to develop my classroom craft further.

Working at Crownbridge has also given me the opportunities and time to further enhance my own professional learning, which has recently led me to take on the role of Assistant Head Teacher. At present, I also have the role of Digital Competency lead for the school, keeping the school up to date with changes in the new curriculum, training staff and making sure the ICT equipment is correct for the pupils.

Both as a class teacher and with my role in the senior leadership team, it has reinforced the importance of fostering positive and authentic learning environments to allow pupils to realise their full potential. Through a pupil centred approach, it has been rewarding providing a bespoke curriculum offer that meets the needs of individual needs, while having their wellbeing at the heart of everything that we do.

Aside from my role at Crownbridge School, I have worked within different roles supporting young children and adults with additional learning needs. While in University I worked on a specialist play scheme supporting young children access different activities within the community and more recently as a respite carer.

I look forward to the changes that are happening with new curriculum and how this will have such a positive impact over the coming years for the pupils here at Crownbridge.

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