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My name is Kirsty Davies and I am currently the Assistant Head at Crownbridge. I pride myself on taking a very person-centred approach to the education and wellbeing of all pupils, identifying their future path, planning to overcome and address their barriers with them and their families, gaining steps of progression along the way, leading to a successful future for them. Every day I get to witness just how fantastic the pupils of our school are and how they show confidence and independence. Every day at Crownbridge is certainly different but it is also always magical.


I feel passionate that Staff wellbeing, relationships and development are crucial to pupil’s success. I feel humbled to work amongst such dedicated staff, always going above and beyond for the pupils we teach


I have worked at Crownbridge since qualifying in 2011, only taking a break in 2021 to take a secondment opportunity in a local Special School in the role of Deputy Headteacher. I have been lucky enough to teach across all departments in Crownbridge. Something which I am always willing to have a chat about is celebrating the achievements of pupils. I also believe that a close home/school relationship is vital, as such I am always available and always transparent.


When am not in school you can usually find me reading, walking or spending time with my friends and family.

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